Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s New Game Plus Offers More To Do



Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a huge game. I’m honestly not sure how long it would take a normal person, as I’ve spent over 60 hours exploring every possible part of the game. But, there’s even more to it than what you’re getting during your first playthrough. Like many JRPGs, it offers a New Game Plus option to people planning a replay.


To start, lots of awesome stuff carries over when you begin a New Game Plus file in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. You can keep characters’ levels, Stage Ranks, and Carnages, so they’ll be in a good place to begin in the new playthrough. You’ll also keep any accessories, items, and money you’ve accumulated. However, these are all things that won’t carry over if you choose the Lunatic difficulty level that unlocks after your first playthrough. But, if you choose any other difficulty, you get to keep them.




A few things carry over even if you do decide to take on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s Lunatic challenge. Your achievements, costumes, trophies, and overall play time will carry over. Also, any shop stock you’ve unlocked in your first runthrough will always remain in stores, even if you go with Lunatic. Basically, Lunatic only bars you from bringing in things that might lessen the challenge.


Though, if Lunatic is too daunting a prospect and you’re having trouble with the difficulties already there, another option is hidden away. I discovered this after a friend of mine had trouble with multiple Savage enemy encounters. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE offered a Friendly difficulty level that would be the easiest available. Since it is possible to change the difficulty at any time in the options, it never hurts to try challenging yourself when you can. Make sure you have multiple save file copies before a Lunatic run, though!




The biggest draw of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s New Game Plus may be its additional side quests, boss, and Carnage weapons. The 49th and 50th side stories unlock after you’ve played the game once. The first has you fighting 8 Masters in what’s basically a boss rush mission. The last mission unlocks a secret version of the final boss that’s at level 99. You need to complete the 47th quest and turn in a set number of shards to get access to that final mission. (I turned in 40 and had it waiting.) The secret boss is the most challenging in the game and I haven’t beaten it. It’s seriously intimidating. Which means it may be wise to visit the Arena and attempt the highest difficulty level to get materials for each character’s ultimate weapon. Again, for full disclosure, I have yet to do this. I’ve only just begun a New Game Plus on Hard and, like the 49th and 50th missions and these aren’t easy tasks.


But then, maybe that’s for the best! If someone is the kind of person willing to put in the effort to replay a game, knowing there’s an even greater challenge waiting is quite a reward. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE certainly delivers on that front. Between the extra boss, ultimate weapons, and new difficulty level, there’s enough there to make the second run take as long as the first. It may even take longer!


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is immediately available for the Nintendo Wii U.

Jenni Lada
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