On April 22, PSP owners hankering for another blend of demon filled dungeons and algebra can pick up Tokyo Mono Hara Shi: The Mysterious Story of Karasu no Mori Academy.


Tokyo Mono Hara Shi may look like Shin Megami Tensei, but it isn’t, this game is a branch of the Tokyo Majin franchise. You control a group of high school students tracking down cursed hanafuda cards that released demons into our world. Atlus calls Tokyo Mono Hara Shi an adventure game + RPG. Story scenes are told like a visual novel with vertical text. The RPG part refers to first person dungeon crawling and real time battles.


Atlus hasn’t said anything about bringing Tokyo Mono Hara Shi to North America. If it does come out, it will be the first game in the Tokyo Majin series to be localized.


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