Tokyo Olympics Used Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and NieR Music in Opening Ceremony

Tokyo 2021 Olympics Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy

Music from Square Enix series such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, and Sonic the Hedgehog were used during the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Popular tracks from each of the games were used to introduce various Olympic teams during the opening ceremony. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

Additionally, other series’ music were featured during the ceremony. Some of the selections includes songs from the Chrono Trigger and Tales of series. Outside of music being used from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts during the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, songs from Ace Combat and Gradius were also featured.

Several Twitter users posted videos, showcasing the music being used during various parts of the performance. Japanese news outlet Nikkan Sports provided a full track list of the music that has appeared. The list includes “Olympus Colosseum” from Kingdom Hearts, “Proof of Hero” from Monster Hunter, and “Victory Fanfare” from Final Fantasy.

On Twitter, there have been reports of the audio feed for the broadcast cutting out due to protests surrounding the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The event has been heavily protested by Japanese citizens, calling for the event to be cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic. NPR reported that COVID-19 cases remain at an all time high, with several regions within Japan currently under a state of emergency.

The Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics will run until August 8, 2021.

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