Tokyo Video Gamers Akihabara Barcade

Tokyo Video Gamers is a New Barcade in Akihabara With Original Drinks and Goods Licensed by Developers

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A new barcade called Tokyo Video Gamers opened today in Akihabara. However, it’s a different kind of barcade, that goes beyond the video game-themed bar & cafe, with licensed displays, decorations, collaboration menus, and goods from various developers. [Thanks, 4Gamer.]

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Tokyo Video Gamers is located at the Seekbase shopping facility about a three-minute walk from the JR Akihabara Station. The first things that stand out are the neon lights and the ambient vibe.

Tokyo Video Gamers Akihabara Barcade

What will catch your attention right away is the large table in the middle that is actually a set of two monitors. It displays footage of various retro games at all times. The design of the table is based on the older cocktail arcade machines from back in the day.

Tokyo Video Gamers Akihabara Barcade

Tokyo Video Gamers has music and videos playing from titles released by Sega, SNK, Arc System Works, Jaleco, Data East, and Technos Japan. Among those are defunct video game companies, but management was able to get consent from the companies that currently own their rights. Most of the titles are retro games to bring nostalgic memories for the target audience customers of those in their 30s to 40s.

The bar counter doesn’t look like much of a game bar, but if you look up there’s a set of monitors displaying The King of Fighters 2002 and other games.

Collaboration Drinks & Glassware

Akihabara Barcade

There are six collaboration drinks, that include a non-alcoholic option. The exclusive glassware featuring the logos of the developers is available for 1,800 yen plus tax each.

A collaboration drink comes with one of 26 special coasters for 1,300 yen plus tax.

Akihabara Barcade

The best part about the place is that arcade games are free to play for anyone who orders from the menu. If there aren’t any other players, the staff will gladly take you on in any of the fighting games.


If you can manage to get the high-score on the Space Invader machine by Arcade1Up, you get a free drink on the house. There are also arcade machines outdoors if you need some fresh air at the Akihabara barcade.

In addition to the collaboration items, there are Tokyo Video Gamer glassware and coasters to purchase. The above is a look at the lunch and food menu, which consists of a variety of pasta, side dishes, and beverages. The lunch hours are 11:00 am to 3:00 pm JST.

NeoGeo Rental sign

Lastly, Akihabara barcade even has a nostalgic NeoGeo sign that people used to spot at rental shops across Japan.

You can check out more info on the Tokyo Video Gamers official website.

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