Tokyo Warfare Brings Back Memories Of Namco’s Tokyo Wars


If you visited an arcade in the ‘90s it’s likely that you would have played Namco’s first-person tank battler Tokyo Wars. If you have some fond, hazy memories of that game then you’ll probably be into Tokyo Warfare, which looks a lot like it (thanks RPS).


Just as with Tokyo Wars, Tokyo Warfare has you driving around the empty streets of Tokyo to face off against other tanks. Matches currently support 10 players at once and there’s only a single map. Still, it’s only a prototype, so that’s not so bad. You can download the prototype on Tokyo Warfare’s website.


Your tank is equipped with a shell that fires faster but only does close-range damage, a shell that fires slow but works from any distance, and a machine gun. Every time you fire (or, indeed, do mostly anything) the anime woman in the top left lets out a cry. She seems to be really into blowing up tanks, bless her.

Chris Priestman