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Tokyo Xanadu eX+ For PS4 To Release In Japan On September 8, With New Side And After Stories



Falcom announced that Tokyo Xanadu is headed to PlayStation 4 as Tokyo Xanadu eX+, a “complete version” of the RPG featuring an after-story, a new playable character and more. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The after story takes place a few months after the conclusion of the first game. A young man wearing a dark fox (kitsune) mask appears in the midst of a Halloween event…


Many fans wanted to learn more about the characters in Tokyo Xanadu, so Falcom made sure to add new scenarios that focus on characters other than the protagonist.


As for a new playable character, they’re adding the mysterious “One in White” as a new ally.


The One in White (CV: ???)

Age: ???

A mysterious unknown character in white that appears in the story will now be playable.


As a special characteristic, he’s able to explore dungeons by himself. He has exceptionally high parameters and excels at most skill types. His attack element is “Light” and it works well against all other attributes except Shadow.


And finally, there’s a new Time Attack Mode that lets you select bosses and aim to defeat them as quick as possible, there’s also a Bosh Rush mode that lets you fight against all bosses. A new difficulty called “Calamity” has also been added. This is the fifth most difficult mode after Beginner, Normal, Advanced, and Elite.


Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will release in Japan on September 8, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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