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Tokyo Xanadu Reveals Its Fifth Party Member As Mitsuki Hokuto



Following the genius party member Yuuki Shinomiya, Falcom have revealed the fifth party member for Tokyo Xanadu as Mitsuki Hokuto, along with some details on her story and moves. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Mitsuki Hokuto:


Mitsuki is a third-year president of the student council at the Morimiya High School. She’s the daughter of the “Hokuto Group,” a corporate giant that was run by her father. After her father passed away, the Hokuto Group has been looking for a successor.


As for Mitsuki, she’s a kind-hearted young lady with a calm personality, but when it comes to the art of negotiations, she’s second to none, as she learned much about it at an early age. She uses a staff as her main weapon.


In combat, Mitsuki has her own unique skills, similar to the other characters. Her Shooting Skill “Innocent Edge” launches a sword of light towards the enemy. When locked on, it’ll pursue the target.


Her Aerial Skill is called “Wonder Staff” and is said to create a magic formation in mid-air, and she rides her staff like a witch’s broom, and travels at super high speed. Her Heavy Skill “Hermit Shell” temporarily grants a wall of perfect defense, and she can still attack enemies while using the skill.



Her X-Strike ability is called “Chaos El Dorado,” where she shoots black and white magic attacks, then fuses the two together to create one giant golden magic sphere to crush enemies.


We also have some details on a couple characters related to Mitsuki. These are:


Kyoka Yukimura: The secretary of the Hokuto Group. Mitsuki considers her as an older-sister figure.


Seijuro Hokuto: Mitsuki’s grandfather, and the Hokuto Group’s current president. He has a strict personality. He’s been fed up with his sons and their fight for becoming successor of the company, but he trusts in Mitsuki, the daughter of his eldest son, and lets her handle some of the business.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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