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Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots Show More Of The Main Heroine Asuka



Falcom recently revealed the latest details on their upcoming title Tokyo Xanadu, and it sounds a lot like an action RPG with a touch of Persona. The official website shares a first look at some screenshots, along with a look at some PlayStation Vita themes.


tokyoxanadu_08_r tokyoxanadu_09_r

tokyo-xanadu_150226-1 tokyo-xanadu_150226-2


The character you see in the screenshots is Asuka Hiragi. She’s Kou’s classmate who just returned from living abroad. With everything from good looks, brains, to athleticism, she seems like the perfect student, but she’s been doing some investigative work surrounding the “Other World” for a certain organization.



The website also shows something called the “Xiphone”. It’s basically the smartphone of the Tokyo Xanadu world, which was invented about 10 years prior. In addition to being used as a phone, it provides various other services to uses.


Similar to our smartphones, the Xiphone features various social media networks, games, and all kinds of different apps, and all kinds of functions are being developed for it, with new services and security systems.


Tokyo Xanadu is set in an alternate Tokyo, where you’ll split your time spent between the modern city and what’s known as the “Other World”. While in town, you’ll get to visit the city, go to school, chill at home, or go shopping. In the Other World, you’ll explore labyrinths and participate in battle.


Tokyo Xanadu will release later this year in Japan for PlayStation Vita. You can check out more details on the game in our earlier report.

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