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Tokyo Xanadu Shares Details On Yuuki Shinomiya’s Smashing Moves



We recently got a closer look at Tokyo Xanadu’s newest character, Yuuki Shinomiya, who happens to be a genius. The official website provides more details on his background, along with some info on how he fights.



As previously reported, Yuuki Shinomiya is a prodigy with an IQ of over 180, and he’s exceptionally talented in programming and hacking. Even though he’s just 16-years-old, he’s been making major profits through application development and the stock market.


Yuuki is currently living in a luxurious apartment, and he appears to look down on common folk. He’s enrolled in high school just to acquire a graduation qualification, and attends the bare minimum of days to get credit. There aren’t too many students that know of him.


He developed an app called “As God Says” which became popular among the younger people, but he also unexpectedly gets himself into a certain incident because of the app.


In combat, Yuuki uses a long mallet, and also his “Spirit Peridium” weapon, which he can freely control. As previously mentioned, Yuuki’s regular attacks are powerful and have reach, but they’re also on the slower side.


tokyo-xanadu-yuuki_150423-1_r tokyo-xanadu-yuuki_150423-2_r

Yuuki’s Shooting Skill is called the “Lambda Shot,” where he uses his will to control the Spirit Peridium to shoot out energy. This skill can also be used while he’s on the move.



His Aerial Skill, called  “Ideal Attack” has his Spirit Peridium create a barrier around him, which allows him to dash into enemies. The enemies that touch his barrier also take damage.


tokyo-xanadu-yuuki_150423-4_r tokyo-xanadu-yuuki_150423-5_r

And finally, his Heavy Skill “Gram Impact” combines his weapons by putting the Spirit Peridium on the tip of his mallet, vastly increasing his attack, as he smashes the ground. In addition to the mallet’s regular strength, this skill provides an extra boost using energy from the Spirit Peridium.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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