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Tokyo Xanadu Shares More On Its New Character And Battle Details



Falcom recently revealed one of the new party members, Yuuki Shinomiya, who is said to have an IQ of over 180. Dengeki provides us with a closer look at Yuuki, along with some info on two new battle features.



Yuuki is a prodigy with over 180 IQ. He’s a year younger than Kou, at 16 years old. He tends to give people the cold shoulder more than anything, and due to a certain reason, he hasn’t been showing up at school.



Yuuki uses a huge mallet, which is pretty big compared to his rather smaller frame, along with a “Spirit Peridium,” which sounds like it has an affinity with the spirit particles from the Other World that the Soul Device weapons are made from.



The report also shares some details on the “X Drive” and “X Strike” features of the battle system. The X Drive is a special ability that provides support to the entire party, while the X Strike is a special attack. Both abilities require you to fill up a meter.


The above image shows Kou using his X Strike ability called “Extend Gear”. It surrounds his Soul Device weapon, Anchor Gear, with a red aura, and swings it like a whip towards his enemy to deal major damage. As for the X Drive, not much is known about how it works, but it provides buffs such as strength and speed up, and will vary depending on the characters you have in your party.


Tokyo Xanadu is slated for release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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