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Tokyo Xanadu Shows How To Do Powerful X Strike Attacks



Falcom previously shared more details on some of Tokyo Xanadu’s battle system with the special “X Drive” and “X Strike” abilities. The game’s official website provides more information on these skills.


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Starting wit the X Drive, you’ll get to activate it when the orange Drive Gauge located on the bottom-right part of the screen hits 100%. You can increase the meter by simply doing regular attacks and skills. Once active, it’ll slowly go down from 100% to 0%.



During the time that it’s active, your movement speed increases, it’ll nullify being downed, abnormal statuses won’t have an effect on your party, among other benefits for your main character and the rest of the party. As previously reported, the X Drive will have additional effects that vary according to the characters in your party.


The “Strike Point” at the bottom-right of the screen, shown as the yellow hexagonal icon, indicates that you can use an X Strike special attack. These are basically special attacks for the characters, and they all have their own unique X Strike attacks. You get Strike Points by doing regular and skill combos.


Kou’s Extend Gear:

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After using his Anchor Gear to slice up enemies around him in whip-like fashion, his Anchor Gear momentarily grows and gets thrown into the middle of the enemy, doing devastating damage as Kou’s ultimate attack.


Asuka’s Criminal Brand:


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After dashing in and doing multiple speedy hits, she jumps into the air and throws her Soul Device weapon towards the enemies, blooming a giant flower-like crystal to do major damage.


Sora’s Fujin Kokusho:

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After doing a number of super speed flowing hits, Sora gathers energy between both hands, and clashes a giant energy ball against the enemy as her special attack.


Yuuki’s Variable Meteor:

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Yuuki multiplies his Spirit Peridium, then has them attack enemies from different angles. Afterwards, the multiple Spirit Peridiums fuse together into a huge Spirit Peridium, which drops on top of the enemy like a meteor.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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