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Tokyo Xanadu Shows Us More Of Its City Areas And Seasonal Outfits



Tokyo Xanadu takes place in Morimiya City, where you’ll get to visit various shops and landmarks found throughout its various districts. 4Gamer’s latest update on the game shows us more screenshots and details behind some of the areas.


001 002

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First, here’s a look at Kou and his classmates. You’ll get to see them in different outfits depending on various situations. For example, they’ll have original outfits for the summer, and more.


005 006

The “Aros Tower” is a landmark that was constructed through the cooperation between Tokyo, Morimiya City, and the Hokuto Group. IT’s a well-known tourist attraction, and they say that its sky lounge that lets you see all of Morimiya City is one of the best in the Kanto region of Japan.


007 008

The 1st floor on the tower is the “Acros Shop” (shown to the right,) and there’s also the “Morimiya City Art Museum” on the 10th floor, along with various other commercial and cultural faculties. The 20th floor has the “Acros Theater,” where fans can check out the idol group SPiKA perform.


009 Next, moving along to “Renga Alley.” It’s a simple and elegant area with a Western touch. It’s retro but also has a stylish atmosphere around it, and since it’s one of the lesser-known areas of Morimiya City, you’ll find all kinds of people hanging out here.


010 011

This area is home to places like the “Ichi Nana Coffee Shop,” that boasts their own blends of roasted coffee, the “Nomado” boutique that sells the latest fashion items, and the antique shop called “Le Coultre,” where Kou works part time.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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