Tokyo Xanadu Videos Explore Morimiya City And A Dungeon

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Falcom recently shared a look at Tokyo Xanadu’s first full-length trailer, and the PlayStation Blog has followed up with some more gameplay footage with two new videos.


The first video shows us the protagonist Kou taking a stroll around parts of Tokyo Xanadu, starting with a look at the inside of their high school, where we can see a bit of some interaction going on.


He then steps out into the city, where you’ll get to see landmakrs like the “Aros Tower,” where you’ll get to go do some shopping, check out its art museum, or even book stores like Kou does in the video.


Morimiya City consists of various other key areas of interest, like the “Renga Alley,” a simple and elegant area with a Western Touch. It’s a little different from the big city, but it has some interesting places like the “Ichi Nana Coffee Shop” where Kou works, or the “Le Coultre” antique shop.


The second video shows us some gameplay action, where a party of Kou, Asuka, and Sora take on a dungeon. While fighting monsters, we can see how it looks like when they rotate and switch between party members, which will be a key factor in the game, as it relies a lot on attribute strengths and weaknesses.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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