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Tokyo Xanadu’s Battles Rely A Lot On Attribute Strengths And Weaknesses



In Tokyo Xanadu, you’ll explore between the real world and the “Other World” at mysterious dungeons called Xanadu, where you’ll encounter all kinds of monsters called “Greed”. The official website for the game shows us more on how you’ll fight them, using attribute weaknesses.


There are five main attributes of Fire, Wind, Steel, Spirit, and Shadow. Each Greed has their own weakness, so you’ll need to figure it out in order to fight them efficiently.



All you need to do in order to find their weakness, is simply target the Greed. Once you hit them with an attack of their weakness, it will do more damage than normal. On the other hand, hitting them with something they’re strong against will do much less damage.


While having a Greed locked-on, you can see their weakness, and the each party member has their own attribute-type, so there will be a lot of switching around between characters in order to fight the Greed.



The above shows us the five characters we know of thus far and their attributes: Kou (Fire,) Sore (Wind,) Yuuki (Steel,) Asuka (Spirit,) and Mitsuki (Shadow).


For example, when taking Shadow damage, all of the characters will take extra damage, except for Mitsuki, the Shadow-type character. So, if you go up against any Shadow-type enemies, it’ll be wise to switch to Mitsuki as your main.


As you advance through the story of the game, characters will learn “Drive Abilities”. These abilities add extra effects to X Drives, and it varies depending on the character’s attribute.


For example, Flame-type characters like Kou will learn “Flame Burst,” which increases critical chances. Steel-type’s “Steel Guard” halves damage while active, and a Spirit-type character’s “Spirit Heal” gradually heals the player and their partners’ health.


When more than one member in the party has the same Drive Ability, it will stack and multiply its effects.



Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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