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Tokyo Xanadu’s Idol Rion Kugayama Fights Using Wings



Tokyo Xanadu’s seventh party member is named Rion Kugayama, and when she’s not busy with school work or taking out enemies in the Other World, she’s part of a quintet idol group called SPiKA. 4Gamer shows us a closer look at Rion, her moves, and friends.


Rion Kugayama:

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As previously reported, Rion is a 17-year-old member of the quintent idol group called SPiKA. She’s a popular idol with devilish looks and behavior, uses her singing ability as a weapon (as an idol,) and often argues with her friend and rival on who should take the center of the idol group.


Rion is a hard worker, and she doesn’t keep her idol life a secret from her classmates at school. They say that she’s only her true self when she’s alone, but if someone happens to catch that side of her, she’ll start showing a defiant attitude towards that person.



Rion does her basic attack by turning her body to create a shock wave. It doesn’t have much range, but after hitting several times, it finishes with a lightning attack.


Shooting Skill: Brilliant Ray



Rion shoots super speed lasers from the tip of hear wings. In addition to being able to land multiple hits, you can target an enemy and shoot homing lasers, too.


Aerial Skill: Sonic Wing


By spreading her wings, she creates a shock wave from behind, which sends her flying at high speed. It doesn’t use much of the Skill Gauge, and it’s the skill that Rion is best at using.


Heavy Skill: Sylphy Cyclone



Rion creates a giant tornado by flapping her wings. Enemies in range will get sucked into the tornado, and using it at close range makes it possible to deal massive damage. Rion is left open to getting hit before launching the attack, but its high damage output makes it worth it.


X-Strike: Seraphim Hearts

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Rion’s Soul Device expands massively, allowing her to freely go around the enemies at super speed while attacking. Afterwards, she makes it rain down countless homing missiles from the tip of her wing, as her ultimate attack.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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