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Tokyo Xanadu’s New Character Looks Like Towa From Trails of Cold Steel



Okay, the above is an image of Towa Herschel from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, but this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation says that Tokyo Xanadu’s newest character looks like her, and is also named Towa. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Towa Kokonoe:

Towa is Kou’s cousin, and a new second year teacher of Morimiya High School in charge of math and data processing. In addition to being in charge of students, she also does work as a committee counselor.


During the weekends, she goes as a shrine maiden to help her grandfather at the Kokonoe Shrine, and teaches a Kokonoe style jujitsu at the dojo. She calls her cousin “Kou-kun” but sticks with “Tokisawa-kun” at school, but she occasionally lets it slip, and gets teased for it. She’s a bit worried about Kou and his part-time job.


Towa Kokonoe shares a name and looks as Towa Herschel from Trails of Cold Steel, but both games take place in different worlds, so there are no connections between the two characters.


Sosuke Kokonoe: the Shinto priest of the Kokonoe Shrine. He can be strict, but he’s actually a big-hearted character, and can be playful at times. He’s the head of the Kokonoe style jujitsu, and trained Kou in the ways of the martial art. The Kokonoe style and Ikushima (Sora’s family) style have had their history since the past, and Sora even took Kokonoe style lessons at one point.


Goro Saeki: a 28-year-old substitute English teacher with glasses, who is popular with the girls. He’s envied by male students, but they eventually end up trusting him because of his friendly nature. He enjoys mountain climbing, and visiting historic landmarks on his days off.


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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