Tokyo’s Mazelike Shibuya Station Turned Into A Dungeon Crawler



Japanese developer UeharaLabo has turned Tokyo’s Shibuya Station into a free dungeon crawler for smartphones called Shibuya Dungeon (thanks RocketNews). It’ll be out by the end of September for iOS and Android.


Shibuya Dungeon plays a bit like old-school Zelda as you have to navigate spikes and ghosts to find the Sacred Dog Statue. But the game’s biggest obstacle is the layout of the train station itself.


Apparently, UeharaLabo has used Shibuya Station’s actual map to construct the layout of the dungeon in the game. Shibuya Station is known for being complex, with staircases and hallways branching off in all directions, up and down. So you should get quite lost while playing.


Previously, the same developer made a game called Shinjuki Dungeon, which is essentially the same idea. It’s a dungeon crawler set inside an accurate recreation of Shinjuki Station’s layout. You can download it the App Store and Google Play for free.

Chris Priestman