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Tomodachi Life Day Two: Ah, To Be A Puppetmaster


I’m not a benevolent goddess. Well, that isn’t entirely accurate. I’m a Chaotic Good force, at best, and Chaotic Neutral at worst. Which means Crawford Island is at the whims of a trickster goddess. It’s good for me, my Mini Mii, and anyone who I absolutely adore in real life, but isn’t so much fun for everyone else in this particular instance of Tomodachi Life.


Like Kyle Gaddo, a fellow video game journalist who has both the delight (and misfortune) of inhabiting the similar part of the country. Who has also StreetPassed with me at least once.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. After all, this is a Tomodachi Life diary, and there should be some semblence of order. Last time, I talked about how everything is so delightful, entertaining, and swiftly moving. Which holds even truer today, the second day of my Tomodachi Life.


Crawford Island is darn near close to being a thriving metropolis, I tell you what. Practically everything is open today, and I mean everything. I’m at 55 fulfilled requests at the moment, and counting, in part because I have 13 islanders already. I sent the call out for Miis, and people… well… okay. Let me be honest. People didn’t exactly respond. Especially when they knew I wanted their Miis so I could be their virtual Puppetmaster. It kind of turns people off, you know?


Fortunately, I had the key players already saved to my Mii Maker months ago. My friends Jessi, Caitlin, Chris, Janelle, Cecilia, and Kyle were all there, waiting. (As was my mom.) And, it was easy enough to throw together Miis of a few others, like my friend Marco. Not to mention, I had saved Shigeru Miyamoto’s Mii after getting an in-person StreetPass from him at E3 2013. (That’s right, I name dropped… even though he has no clue who I am.) FILSAMECH’s there too, from the SpotPass distribution. Everyone was in place.


And, while you don’t exactly dictate the Miis actions and activities in Tomodachi Life, it’s easy enough to shape the course of their lives. Hypnotism lets you force characters you want into specific dreams. Various gifts, outfits, and interiors can be given to shape people’s lives.


My best friend Jessi? Is a bee. She loves it, too.


My other best friend, Caitlin, was made to perform an opera in honor of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. I’d like to share with you the lyrics to this masterpiece, which was penned over a grueling 5 minutes. (Please ignore the part about, “Why haven’t we gone out yet?” repeating, if you would.)

Now, keep in mind, that’s what I’m doing to the people I like. Which brings us to Kyle. I like Kyle and all, but we aren’t super good friends. We’ve only hung out IRL once? Maybe twice? Which means his Mii is suspectible to special treatment. Like this.


Not exactly fashion forward.


Though, I must say, green really is his color. Coming soon, to a 3DS near you… passive-aggressive Mii control! This special treatment may be backfiring, because the rankings board says he’s the most charming male sim on Crawford Island.


I might, just might, also be trying to get him into a relationship with my mother. They have natural chemistry, according to the compatibility tester. I’m not really too focused on that goal at the moment, because there’s a more pressing concern. I’m trying to prevent a Flowers in the Attic relationship between Marco and Cecilia, who are brother and sister in real life. Not to mention, I’d kind of like to have Chris hook up with his real life wife, if possible. If only the Mr. Chris Mii would stop pining after my Mini-Mii!


As I finish this entry, to go play more Tomodachi Life, there’s one other thing I must share. Tomodachi Life is the most screenshot-able game ever. (Is that a word? If not, it is now.) I’ve taken over 50 pictures of my friends’ and my Miis in just two days, and can only see that number increasing as more activities, events, outfits, and items are unlocked. Something is always happen, and each moment must be captured. It’s an addiction, maybe even a sickness, but one that I welcome.


Food for Thought:


1. I’m planning on drawing on the Kyle Mii’s face tonight, after he falls asleep.


2. I love the Miis youthful exuberance. They’re always happily running and skipping around their apartments, despite my divine intervention.


3. Feeding the Cecilia Mini-Mii pancakes sends her to the moon with joy. I pledge to feed her pancakes as often as possible.


4. Jessi has somehow become best friends with FILSAMECH in the span of one day, and I have no idea how or why.

Jenni Lada
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