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Tomodachi Life Day 4: Where Life Is One Big Soap Opera


Most of my Tomodachi Life Miis are based on real people. After my own Mii was imported, I quickly moved my mom, friends, and some notable Nintendo personalities into my apartments. I figured I’d have fun dictating their relationships. Except, the game leaves a lot up to chance. Loads, honestly.


See, I imported the Miis of Chris and his real-life wife. I figured it’d be all adorable if I hooked them up together and such. Except, much like the unlikely BFF pairing of mini Mii Jessi and mini Mii FILSAMECH, mini Mii Chris had other ideas. The compatibility tester gave him and my Mii a 90% compatibility rating, while he and his wife were only at 16%.


Then, It happened. Earlier in Tomodachi Life, mini Mii Caitlin had attempted to hook up FILSAMECH with Mom. It didn’t work, even though they had an 84% compatibility rating, but was a cute segment I enjoyed watching. So when Jessi suggested setting up Chris with my Mii, I figured why not. It seemed like percentage didn’t have that big of an effect, and I wanted to see the hilarious event scenes and take screenshots again.


Except the percentages do matter. And mini Mii Chris and my Mii became sweethearts. And they were constantly over at each other’s apartments, while mini Mii Evie was starting to eye up mini Mii Kyle.


FILSAMECH and Mom had only failed because I hadn’t looked at the daily compatibility ranking, and seen it was a bad day for romance between the two. My best laid plans were coming undone!


So, I did the responsible thing. I made my Mii break up with Chris’ Mii.


Naturally, when something traumatic happens to a Mii in Tomodachi Life, they get upset. If they’re in a fight with another Mii, they’ll have a firey red aura around them, and be stomping around their apartment. The only way to cool the situation is to have a third Mii act as a mediator and hope the situation is resolved when the three talk it out. If a Mii is suffering from a broken heart, their level bar is filled with blue sadness, and a raincloud appears over their head. They must be plied with food and gifts to get them back to their normal demeanor.


The breakup was hard on both Chris’ Mii and my own. I tended to my own first, because nepotism. She was a little sad, with her level bar half filled with the terrible blues, but it was easy enough to cheer her up. Some pancakes, a new outfit, and a headrub later, she was back to her normal self.


Little Chris, on the other hand, had decided to be sad forever.


I felt so bad. Really, seriously, so bad. Nothing helped! I fed him. I patted his head. Gave him a bath. Offered him clothes. But he just wasn’t getting happy again. So, I clicked the bubble with my face on it that was appearing onscreen. I figured maybe it would make him try and get back together with my Mii, because I was honestly feeling guilty about what I’d done.


No. What followed was an adorably touching montage of all the memories Chris’ mini Mii and my mini Mii had accumulated during the 15 minutes they were a couple. It was heartbreaking, because it actually followed the natural progression of a relationship as it died. There were event scenes where they were happily running on beaches and laughing at each other’s jokes. But slowly, they grew apart. To quote the great Linda Richman, “I’m a little verklempt.” Just look at a few of these screenshots while I compose myself.


Love is over.


I’m a monster. It seemed like there was nothing I could do for him, and reminiscing only made it worse. So, I left him alone. After about an hour, he seemed to come out of the funk on his own.


But now, I’m wondering if I did the right thing. His wife, Evie, has hooked up with a Mii of my ex-boyfriend. Caitlin’s with FILSAMECH. My mom’s with Kyle. Mandi and Miyamoto are making at each other. Chris is even looking like he’s about to move on with Jessi. Did my Mii miss her chance? I tried to have Marco’s mini Mii reunite Chris and mini Mii, after Evie and Jer hooked up, but the option was greyed out, even though Marco’s Mii knew both of us.


I got so caught up in trying to control everything and have some semblence of realism, that I made a rash decision that may totally mess up pairing plans on Crawford Island. At least it was a learning experience, and now I know to just let things happen, and not meddle in the love affairs of Miis.


Food for Thought:


1. I don’t know if its just my game or Miis, but the Shigeru Miyamoto and FILSAMECH Miis have at least 80% compatibility with all 8 female Miis on Crawford Island. No other male Miis boast that kind of success rating.


2. I think Kyle’s going to be my virtual stepdad soon, and I’m interested to see if that will result in different interactions between our Miis since I defined the family relationship between my Mom’s Mii and my own.


3. Don’t break up a relationship unless you’re absolutely sure that’s what you want, because it seems like they can’t get back together again.

Jenni Lada
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