Tomodachi Life Day 5: It Hasn’t Gotten Old Yet


With all this talk about Tomodachi Life, I’m sure there’s a question on everyone’s minds: Just how long will someone be able to keep playing? Well, I’m only writing this on day 5 of my time, so I can’t provide exact details, but I can offer a fairly educated opinion.


(As well as over 18 hours of gameplay can offer. Yes, 18.)


I think Tomodachi Life has a lot of staying power. I am seeing some dreams, daily events, and mini-games, repeating themselves. Each Mii, however, is pretty darn individual. They aren’t all saying and repeating the same lines from a script. Their personalities really shine through, and since there are four main groups, and four types within each group, it helps keep them unique.


But the things that have repeated are so brief, entertaining, and refreshing that I honestly don’t mind. Besides, there are more important things together. Things like special events and sales that are seasonal. I’ve already seen clothing and interior sets that are only available during certain times of years. Many locations have certain events at specific times, with things like Tomodachi Life‘s Tomodachi Quest happening only once per day.


Even the news stories are enough to keep someone coming back. There’s one new story every day, not including announcements when in-game milestones are reached, and they’re wonderful. Really, just delightful. One of my first was Janelle’s Mii doing a report on which Miis have logged the most toilet time. (Marco won.) Another talked about how the rare FILSAMECH ducks were back in town, and had a picture of a mother duck and her ducklings… with FILSAMECH faces.


Plus, there’s the idea of a dynasty building. The Miis are constantly interacting with one another, forming relationships and falling in love. Since I’ve stopped trying to guide certain romances, I’ve begun enjoying what they get up to on their own. Given that they eventually get married and raise families, I imagine a dedicated player can enjoy seeing how their original group branches off and expands as they bond.


But on to what you’re really here for – the Tomodachi Life gossip! Well, another familiar face moved in, and he’s quite happy on Crawford Island. He hasn’t made many friends yet, or found himself a sweetheart, but give him time.


Unfortunately, he isn’t getting along too well with some of the other Siliconera staff, but at least he likes my Mii!


Also, I have one big question on my mind. When is Kyle’s Mii going to pop the question to my Mom’s Mii? They’ve been together for four whole days now, which is like 15 years in Mii time. I keep checking their relationship status, and they’re quite devoted to each other. Mom’s Mii even says she wants to get married. I wish they’d stop dragging their feet, because I want a virtual half brother or sister!


My Mii still hasn’t found love, which is one good thing. I had to remove Cecilia’s Mii completely from Tomodachi Life to erase the Flowers in the Attic situation with her brother’s Mii. Don’t worry, though, virtual Marco quickly moved on to Janelle.


But really, I have baby fever. I want to see little baby and kid Miis! I keep checking Japanese blogs, trying to see if there’s any way to hurry these little guys to the altar. Even if the Kyle and Mom Miis aren’t ready, the Caitlin and FILSAMECH Miis have been together almost as long and Reggie’s status page says he’s ready to get married, too.


Food for Thought:


1. Almost every female Mii in the game has a 80% compatibility ranking with Miyamoto, or higher, but he won’t settle down yet. I wonder if he’s waiting for Samus?


2. A hot, new, group of rappers, called Top That, are taking Crawford Island by storm. Their latest hit? “Shrink da Dinks” – a moving account of the Shrinky Dink creation process.

Jenni Lada
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