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Tomodachi Life Day One: It’s All Happening So Fast!


Greetings! I’m coming to you live from my little burrow. See, I just got Tomodachi Life, so I’ve sequestered myself in a little den just big enough for my 3DS and me. And maybe my cat, if I can coax him in for cuddles. And a 3DS charger, because dang those batteries burn out fast.


Anyway, I think you get the idea. It’s Tomodachi Life time, I’ve got the AC cranked up, and I’m snuggled up in blankets on the couch enjoying my new, virtual life on Crawford Island.


My journey began by importing a Mii of myself into Tomodachi Life. She, and apparently everyone else in the game, determined that I’m a look-alike of her, and am a benevolent (mostly) being that watches over all Mii activity on Crawford Island. My first moments went by in a flurry, during which I fed mini-Mii some pancakes, added my Mom’s Mii to the island for company, purchased some clothes and… well… pretty much got absorbed in the simulation and did as much as possible in the first fifteen minutes.


I don’t know if I was just so excited and hyped about Tomodachi Life, that initial additions and activities flew by, or if it’s just that user friendly. It feels like the sort of simulation where you’re invited in, expected to just check in to feed Miis and solve a few problems, then realize you spent at least an hour at your island, taking part in mini-games, dressing people up, and just enjoying the view.


Honestly, it’s only been about an hour, maybe two, since I’ve started playing. Yet, I managed to move in Miis of 10 different people, some family, friends, and Nintendo executives. I’ve played mini-games like Foosball to earn toilet paper. The food, clothing, interiors, hat and pawn shops are open, the port is open, I can check daily news reports and rankings, and my Miis can visit a observation deck, fountain, or beach. Granted, there are 9 areas of Crawford Island that are closed off to me, but Nintendo clearly designed Tomodachi Life in such a way that a player doesn’t have to wait long to unlock every area.


Though, I’m most pleased by one thing in my first day with Tomodachi Life. It is just as weird as all of the promotional videos and screenshots promised. How odd was my first day? Well, I bought one of my best friends a super sentai suit, then watched as she and my mini Mii faced off in a rap battle at the fountain. Which my mini Mii won. (Oh snap!)


I’m quite excited to see how the rest of my adventures in Tomodachi Life go, and hope you’ll join me as I chronicle my first week or so with the game. I’m here to stay, and even have an address to prove it!


How flavorful indeed.


Food for Thought:


1. I’m horrible at determining what items are if it’s zoom in super close.


2. What’s wrong with Pancakes? Everyone except FILSAMECH loves pancakes. Is his body not ready for them?


3. How is a bouquet worth more than a glass slipper in the Pawn Shop? I understand it’s only one slipper, but those flowers are probably going to wilt in a day.

Jenni Lada
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