Too Kyo Games Established; Led By “A Certain Famous Game Creator”

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A new game company called Too Kyo Games was recently established, and is being headed by “a certain famous game creator”, according to Famitsu. The person heading the studio is set to be revealed in a livestream that will start on 7pm JST on September 11, 2018.



The game company’s name refers to making ‘too crazy games’, with ‘Kyo’ meaning “insane, crazy”. Currently, Famitsu is teasing the creator in charge through interviews with other notable developers, such as Yosuke Saito from Square Enix, and Goichi Suda from Grasshopper Studios.


Yosuke Saito


“Actually, a while back *bleep*-san asked me for advice on this, like, “Wouldn’t this be good?” The advice I gave has led to this, so if I can get back 10% or so I’ll call it even. Please make sure everyone has fun.”


Goichi Suda

“At first, I was like, “What does this have to do with *bleep*-san?”, and I was wondering what to do or who to email, and in the end I decided to contact president *bleep*, so I called him on mobile. I asked if everything was okay, and things were perfectly fine, and I was like, “Oh, okay.” Please create fresh, crazy games for gamers not just in Japan, but around the world.”


The strange wording of “too crazy” in the Tweet as “狂イ過ギ” (using random katakana) has people speculating that the creator is none other than the eccentric director Yoko Taro. The developer has joked in the past that Square Enix should hire him for work before. There is also speculation that the red and black dots are a callback to Cavia Inc.’s logo, where Yoko Taro has worked at in the past.


You can find Too Kyo Games’ official website here (under construction), Facebook here, and Twitter here.

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