Tooth And Tail, An Upcoming RTS In A World Of Animal Revolution



Pocketwatch Games, the creators of IGF Award-winning multiplayer stealth game Monaco: What’s yours is mine are currently working on their next game, Tooth and Tail.


It’s described as an arcade-style real-time strategy game set in a world of animal revolution. “Wage war with customizable factions, featuring units like mustard-gas skunks and flamethrowing boars,” reads the description.


Unlike many strategy games, Tooth and Tail is designed to be played with only a few buttons. Each match only lasts the maximum of eight minutes, too.


Currently, Tooth and Tail is in alpha, and if you want to join it you need only to jump into the Pocketwatch chatroom and talk to the developers directly about getting access.


Otherwise, you can follow along with the game’s development updates over on the Tooth and Tail devlog. The latest entry details changes including limiting the army size to six units, tweaks to landmines and moles and lizards, smaller 2v2 maps, as well as bug fixes.


The update also shows off some of the latest animations and particle effects, as you can see below:




Chris Priestman