Toradora Anime Getting Blu-Ray Premium Package With Hardcover Artbook

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Toradora fans should be happy with this. NIS America is releasing both Standard and a Premium edition English dubs of the Toradora anime come July 1st in Blu-Ray. The Premium version comes with all 25 episodes, a special 32-page hardcover art book and a collectible slipcase to store the DVD/Blu-Ray in.


The art book will feature an episode guide alongside character and relationship info. Each episode can be watched in either English dub or in Japanese with subtitles, in case you prefer one or the other.


The series stars Ryuji Takasu, a high school student whose genetics left him with a delinquent’s face. And no good kid wants to hang out with someone who looks like that. Fortunately, one of the few who don’t flee in terror from his bad boy looks is Minorin, his one twue wuv. To steal her heart, though, he teams up with Taiga “The Palmtop Tiger” Aisaka. Aisaka’s in love with Ryuji’s own close friend, leading them to an alliance of convenience to steal the heart of the ones they truly love. Or maybe not.


In addition to the show, the DVD/Blu-Ray will pack in four extra mini OVA episodes, extra clips, TV spots and clean versions of the opening and ending sequences.


You can pre-order the series at NIS America’s store here. It will release July 1st.

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