Nintendo 3DS

Toriko Ultimate Survival Lets You Hunt Down Dinner With More Than Ten Characters


If beating up over 300 gigantic monsters and then cooking them into delicious meals sounds right up your alley, then Namco Bandai’s upcoming Toriko Ultimate Survival is here to say lunch is served. The third hunting game title is set for the Nintendo 3DS on November 28 in Japan, and the Tokyo Game Show video shows off some of the characters players can choose from.



Jump earlier reported that there would be 10 playable characters, but the above gameplay video indicates that there are more than that planned for the superchef-versus-monstrous ingredients throwdown.


The video alone include main hero group Gourmet Hunters Toriko, his main chef Komatsu, alongside equally powerful pals Coco, Sunny and Zebra. The bad guys from the Bishoukai include Starjun, Ootake, Tommyrod and what looks like Midora.


Include the main Toriko site also has profiles for Teppei and Sunny’s sister Rin, Tengu Buranchi and we’re already looking at at least 12 characters, with more likely on the way.


The game features up to 4-player co-op, and the video also shows how players will be able to map each character’s signature moves – with the moves changing depending whether they’re in the air or ground. We’ll keep you posted when more info on playable characters are available.