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Totaka’s Song Easter Egg Discovered In Mario Kart 8



Totaka’s Song, the long-running Nintendo game Easter egg, has recently been discovered hidden away inside Mario Kart 8(via CVG).


As YouTube user “Somewhat Awesome Games” demonstrates in the video above, any track that has Yoshis in the crowd of spectators contains the Easter egg. This includes Sweet Sweet Canyon, Yoshi Circuit, Yoshi Valley, and Donut Plains 3.


If you play one of those tracks and go up to one of the Yoshi spectators you may be able to hear Totaka’s Song if you listen beyond the blaring soundtrack. To make it easier to hear, Somewhat Awesome Games removes the rest of the game’s audio so you can hear the Yoshi humming away.


If you didn’t know, Totaka’s Song is an Easter egg found in numerous Nintendo games since 1992. It’s the work of long-time Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka who has, for whatever reason, decided to hide away the jingle for players to find.


The song can be found in Mario Paint, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Animal Crossing, Pikmin 2, and loads of others. And now we also know that it’s in Mario Kart 8 as well.

Chris Priestman