Nintendo 3DS

Touch Detective 3’s Banana-Faced Villain Makes An Appearance At Last



Touch Detective 3: Does Nameko Dream Of Bananas? is the next in the puzzle series featuring a mushroom called Funghi and main character detective Mackenzie as she works to solve the mystery of missing bananas. In the trailer, we get to see what the perpetrator probably looks like. And it… erm… yeah.





There’s also a note that the game will arrive on May 1st on the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll also have to tangle with Shiro, who fancies herself a solid detective and has her own cute little companion in Kinako the dog-thing, as the mystery progresses. It looks like gameplay will remain largely similar, with the touch screen used to move Mackenzie around and chat with folks, or search for clues and hint coins.


Touch Detective 3: Does Nameko Dream Of Bananas? will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS May 1st in Japan.