Touch Screen DJ Max In Development For The DS And DSi

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This weekend Michael Yum, Executive Producer at PM Studios, spoke to Siliconera about DJ Max Technika. The arcade take on DJ Max has a touch screen which makes it ripe for a DS port and when I asked Yum about one he confirmed DJ Max Technika is in development for the Nintendo DS.


But, wait a second aren’t the DS and DSi the same thing? Yum explains, “For the DS, we’re trying to do something with the DSi, but it’s a big secret. I can’t tell you what we’re doing with it, but the DS and DSi version will be different.  It’ll play on both, but the DSi will have more features.” What is the “big secret(s)”? It might have something to do with camera and storage features which PM Studios plans to use for the DSi version of DJ Max Technika.


Keep your eyes peeled for the full DJ Max Technika interview coming later this week!


Images courtesy of PM Studios.

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