This Touching Game Asks You To Restore A Girl’s Memory



Deemo is a mix between a rhythm game and a heartbreaking story. And some amazingly beautiful art.




You’re Deemo, the dark, shadow-looking creature living all by yourself in a lonely castle. One day, a beautiful little girl falls out of the sky. Having forgotten everything, she looks to Deemo for help. The piano in the castle begins to grow a tree every time Deemo plays it, which is where you come in with the music portion.


9 10

There are some 33 different piano tracks from various genres included for you to play through and ace. These play like normal rhythm games, with notes coming down from the top you’ll have to hit as they cross a lower bar.



As you play, Deemo wonders what will happen once the girl returns, leaving it alone again. Or what will happen should the girl regain her memories and have to deal with the truth.


Deemo is out now on iOS and Android. According to the game’s store page, “the Free version has limited story progress, unlock the Full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.”