Touhou Fangame Touhou Nil Soul Is A Strategy RPG With Bullet Hell Mechanics


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Chinese Touhou fangame Touhou Nil Soul is an upcoming game by ReZero Doujin Society, focusing on strategy RPG battles that take place on a grid. The game is currently in Steam Early Access, and comes out fully sometime in March 2019.


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All characters from The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil are set to appear in Touhou Nil Zero. In this game, action turns are based on speed, and what’s interesting is how the danmaku feel of the shmup series has been incorporated into grid-based gameplay. Every so often, the boss will shoot out spell attacks in various patterns that will take up spaces on the grid, so players will need to shuffle the characters around in a calculated manner in order to avoid extra damage.



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That said, it isn’t completely a one-sided affair. Reimu and the others can use Spell Cards and attacks that can do damage or buff allies, while erasing bullets on-screen. For example, Marisa’s Master Spark does damage to the boss while eliminating any bullets on a straight line. Reimu’s support skill is able to buff the party while eliminating any bullets two squares around her. However, this just shows positioning will be key to progressing through the game.


Check out some gameplay below:


Touhou Nil Soul is available on PC via Steam Early Access, and comes out March 2019.

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