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Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline Releases For Switch In Japan On February 7



Mediascape announced that the next Touhou Project fan game headed to Nintendo Switch is Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline, and it releases early next month in Japan as an eShop title.


The above is a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Touhou Genso Maroku W that features over 100 Shikgami that can be equipped onto characters for various skills and abilities. By defeating enemies you can get them to join as Shikgami equipped by your party members.





The game offers a variety of dungeons to explore, synthesis with alchemy, Shikigami items, spell cards, a vast encyclopedia, and various other elements for fans to enjoy.






Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline releases for Nintendo Switch on February 7, 2019 for 3,000 yen. The game released for PlayStation Vita in Japan in June 2017 and on PlayStation 4 the following year.

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