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Touhou Koubutou V Headed To PS4 And PS Vita In Japan On November 3, 2016



During a livestream today, it was announced that the Cubetype-developed action game Touhou Koubutou V is headed to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita In Japan for 3,000 yen. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]



The specs show that it’ll feature 1 to 2 players with local and online competitive modes. The game will be available as a downloadable title on PlayStation Store for 3,000 yen.



Touhou Koubutou V is described as a third person competitive action game, and it’s in full-HD.



With characters that move well, you’ll get to freely move around and enjoy all kinds of patterns and characteristics. It’s easy for new players to pick up and has enough depth to keep the more intermediate players going.



The game also features spells, which you can use to add a strategic element to the action.


Touhou Koubutou V releases in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on November 3, 2016.

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