Touhou Mechanical Scrollery Fangame Will Arrive on April 24, 2020


Japanese indie game publisher Phoenixx will be releasing Touhou Mechanical Scrollery on April 24 for PCs. This is a fangame made by Japanese circle Miko-san Sahō. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Touhou Mechanical Scrollery will be a 3D, aerial barrage action game that features 360 degrees of action as various characters from the Touhou Project series pummel humongous foes and try to solve an on-going incident involving Metal Spiders invading Gensokyo. In particular, Reimu and Marisa will be saving the day.

Fighting in Mechanical Scrollery will range from standard attacks to melee action and shooting danmaku bullets in a powerful barrage. Players will also be able to utilize spell cards and will have the ability to use the “grazing” skill, which lets you build up your spell and danmaku shot power while narrowly avoiding attacks. Enemies will have destructible body parts, which you can smash and destroy. Destroying them will net you materials that can be used for crafting new weapons. You’ll also be able to upgrade your spell cards too.

Here’s the promotional trailer.

Excitingly, Touhou Mechanical Scrollery’s story scenes will feature character art rendered in Live2D. Here’s a look at some in-game screenshots:

Recently, the Touhou Project saw another new game for the Nintendo Switch: Touhou Spell Bubble. It is a crossover with the classic arcade game Bubble Bobble.

Touhou Mechanical Scrollery will release on April 24, 2020 on Windows PCs via Steam. It is set to retail for ¥2,420 (~$22.40). Additionally, the game will be released in English, Japanese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. You can check out the official Steam Page here. Phoenixx will be offer a 10% launch discount until May 7, 2020.

Mercedez Clewis
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