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Touhou Super Smash Battles Combines Touhou Project And Super Smash Bros.



Independent studio From Soy Sauce is hoping to bring its competitive platform fighting game Touhou Super Smash Battles to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Wii U, and maybe other platforms (via GoNintendo). The decider of that will be the success of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the game.


As the title reveals, Touhou Super Smash Battles borrows heavily from Super Smash Bros. and Touhou games and fandom. In particular, it is said to have a control scheme that is inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee and the Brawl mod Project M. In fact, From Soy Sauce consists of three brothes (Saijee, Kuni, and Ken Higuchi) who have been playing Melee competitively since 2005, and always wanted to create their own version of it.


The Touhou influence differentiates the game from Smash Bros. as it includes a range of characters, all of which are derivative of the Touhou maidens, that have the ability to free float and fire projectiles during battles. Each character can also air grab, wake-up grab (a counter move while grounded), as well as play Spell Cards that bring in the bullet hell aspect of Touhou, and Overwhelm – this happens when two players grab each other at the same time, inciting a power struggle, with the winner unleashing a powerful attack.


The base goal for the Indiegogo crowdfunding is $10,000, which would secure the final version of the game with 12 playable characters, 10 stages, four-player local multiplayer, stock-time battles, as well as team and free-for-all battles. There will also be a single-player Super Smash Bros. “Classic Mode.”



However, there are stretch goals in place to add more characters, stages, Japanese dub, and even an extra Story Mode if $100,000 is reached. The maximum number of characters and stages is 26 each.


By pledging $20 towards Touhou Super Smash Battles on Indiegogo you’ll receive a digital copy of the game when it’s finished. For $40 you can be a beta tester, as well as receiving all previous rewards, including the game, the soundtrack, three other From Soy Sauce games, and voting for a Touhou character to be playable in the game that isn’t already.


Nintendo Nuggets found out in an interview that From Soy Sauce also has plans to support the GameCube adapter with Touhou Super Smash Battles. It’s also possible that the game may include online battles, but the team did not that they “will not likely be able to get anything better than what appears on Super Smash Bros. 3DS in terms of game flow and lag.”


You can keep up to date on Touhou Super Smash Battles on its Facebook page.

Chris Priestman