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Toukiden 2 Details New Characters, Oni, Tenko And Automaton Features



Koei Tecmo has updated the official website for their upcoming action game Toukiden 2 with an introduction to new characters and Oni, along with a look at new features with Tenko and Automatons.


Raizo (CV: Tsuyoshi Koyama)


One of the commanders of the “Kin-Gun” (Taboo Forces) samurai unit. He can’t help but be hated by others due to his position, but he carries on his work with pride and inspires his subordinates with silence. He can be inflexible and awkward but is second to none when it comes to loyalty.


Shiki (CV: Hochu Otsuka)


A strategist at the Sacred Mountain. Not much is known about the past of this mysterious man, but he’s an influential figure to those at the Sacred Mountain, and shows up to Mahoroba with the Kingun. Nobody knows his true intentions.




Mysterious creatures that can be found in the village of Slayers. They seem to be part of a unique ecosystem, but their origin is full of mystery. They understand humans and are extremely clever. For that reason, they like to hang out in the village while helping out its people.


When a Tenko’s mood is maxed out, you can get them to join you for exploring areas. But keep in mind that they can’t join you for the main missions.



After saving a Tenko that is being attacked by an “Oni,” you’ll find one waiting by your house. You can give it a name and take care of it.



Giving Tenko a treat makes it happy, increasing its “mood” and “affection.” Treats can be purchased at the general store.



Tenko with higher affection will occasionally bring you gifts.




These guys are dolls that act autonomously and are from a super ancient civilization. It’s common to see these protecting ruins as their guardians, but most of them are broken and don’t move. The Professor picks up Automatons she finds while investigating ruins and fixes them so that they can help her out with work.


You’ll be able to dispatch Automatons to go exploring. The dispatched Automatons will then go gathering for items and return after a certain period of time. Having higher discovery stats will give it a chance to bring back extra items. However, keep in mind that when they take damage from battles during their dispatch it lowers their endurance. Taking serious damage lowers their ability to bring back more items, so you’ll want to make sure nice and repaired.



Automatons can be upgraded to increase their abilities. By increasing their exploration points, it’ll add to its success rate. Adding to its battle capabilities means they won’t run out of endurance as much while dispatched.



By creating Brain Circuits, you can increase their ability to find specific materials. Having higher discovery points also means a chance of bringing back extra items.



You can also change Brain Circuit types in order to increase the discovery points for the items that you want.


The following is a look at some new Oni:





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A female-type “Oni” with giant wings. She glides in the air and launches powerful attacks with power from the heavens.. She’s known for its high intelligence, and she has flown over many villages that she destroyed.





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A majestic large-type “Oni” with four arms. It’s known for its tremendous strength, and they say that it has taken out many Slayers in the past. This Oni is a perfect foe for any confident warrior looking to spread their own names.


Toukiden 2 will release in Japan on July 28, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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