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Toukiden 2 Details Its New Characters, Upgraded Mitama System, And More



Following the latest announcement on Toukiden 2 with new characters and the Whip Sword weapon, Koei Tecmo updated the official website with even more details, including a look at what’s new with Mitama.





The hero accused of a crime. Benizuki is a Naginata-user, and is a well-known female fighter for being the best at Mahoroba Village. She is one of the heroes that fought in the disaster that ruined the world. Benizuki has a gentle personality and is loved by everyone around her.





The vagabond that is always up for a fight. A Slayer who roamed around the lands as a thief, but has been involuntarily following Benizuki since being defeated by her at the Mahoroba Village.




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A large-type Oni, characterized by its huge body covered in red scales, and its large wings. Its breath and claws are said to have a fearsome poison that can turn humans into “Oni.”


Demon Hand:

A device created by The Professor, which serves the purpose of “materialization of thought.” That said, it’s able to create a giant hand, used to attack demons or interact with objects and spirits.



Jump Attacks with the Demon Hand allows you to grab a part of the Oni for an attack.



The Oni Flip allows you to parry and flip over any giant Oni. When the Demon Hand is filled up with power, you’ll get to use its power to smash them down on the ground.



The Oni Burial brings out the spiritual power to the max for an extra powerful hit with the Demon Hand. The power of it is so strong that you can use it to completely destroy the vitality inside its parts.


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Demon Entangle stretches out the Demon Hand and lets you grab objects to swiftly move towards that direction. It can be used multiple times in mid-air.


toukiden2_160317-22 toukiden2_160317-21

Demon Eater allows you to consume the power of nature through the Demon Hand. This power can then be used to launch towards a direction or to add it as extra power to your sword.


toukiden2_160317-23 toukiden2_160317-24

Demon Smash lets you put in the power of the Demon Hand into various material and completely obliterate them without trace.


Whip Sword:


The Whip Sword is a weapon crammed with different setups, making it a weapon that specializes in phantasmagoric fights. Since each part of the whip has a blade on it, you can pull off multistage attacks to chip away at the Oni. Again, the tip has a built-in kunai, and you can launch and pierce targets with it.


There are different uses with the kunai. For example, by attacking a part that has been stabbed,  you can do more damage depending on how many times it’s been stabbed, you can stab the kunai use it to launch yourself up, or even explode it.


Special Attack: Kagura

toukiden2_160317-15 toukiden2_160317-16

Kagura is the name of the Whip Sword’s special attack that lets you whip the weapon at full speed towards the front. While it does have a bit of a delay, it has enough attack range to hit all of a large-type Oni’s parts.



Similar to the previous Toukiden, you can use Mitama, the spirit of past heroes that were trapped by Oni. After freeing them from an Oni, you can use them as the Slayer’s power.


There are different styles to them. For example, “Attack” is a power-focused style, while “Defense” is a guardian-style. There are many different Mitama and their styles that as we’ve seen in Toukiden that will allow you to change up way you play.



This is a special power that lets Slayers borrow power from Mitama. These can be used to strengthen bows, restrict Oni, and more.


Here are some examples:



  • Attack Class Summon: Temporarily brings out a helper that follows and attacks. While purifying demons, it’ll spin around your body and attack.



  • Provoke: Temporarily increases defense and grabs the attention of the Oni.



  • Goddess’ Company: Sets a camp that heals the hit points of surrounding allies. The effect lasts for a fixed duration of time.



A type of Tamafuri that is used by Mitama that is equipped on armor. By meeting certain conditions, it’ll automatically activate a useful effect.



  • Yatagarasu: Stamina consumption used to evade gets lowered, making it possible to perform evasive maneuvers while attacking.



A Tamafuri type that is available when equipped to a Demon Hand. It activates powerful effects that are mostly used for attacking.



  • Hagunseikou: Attack attributes strengthen, increasing the damage output. While active, the red part of your health gauge naturally recovers on its own.



These are support abilities of the Mitama. Depending on the MItama, there are various effects such as attack increase, health increase, and more.


A Look At Some Mitama:


toukiden2_160317-27 toukiden2_160317-28

toukiden2_160317-29 toukiden2_160317-30


Toukiden 2 will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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