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Toukiden 2 Is Getting Its PS Vita Demo In Late-May, Adjustment From Feedback



Koei Tecmo revealed the latest on Toukiden 2 with the announcement of its PS Vita demo launching in late-May along with some gameplay footage, and details on adjustments they’re making from feedback. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The above video gives us a look at some gameplay footage of the PlayStation Vita version of the game.


Following is a list of adjustments that will be made based on feedback from players of the PlayStation 4 demo:


Open World

  • Consolidated access buttons, better sense of jump controls, terrain adjustments.
  • Improvement on map info.
  • Implementation of multiplayer duties.


Demon Hand action

  • Adjustments to make aiming easier.
  • Adjustments to jump attacks.
  • Tutorials on how to use will be added.


Weapon Action

  • The display and numbers for effects will be improved to make easier to see.
  • All the weapon types will be brushed up.



  • Adjustments on leveling skills and maximum level.
  • Additional growth requirements for all skills.



  • Camera improvements for when you’re against a wall or object.
  • Speed up processing, as there are parts that have heavy processing required, so this will be improved until the end.


Producer Takashi Morinaka says that they’ll release numerous patches after release, and they plan on releasing several major updates, too. When talking about those that wish to be able to fight together with Tenko, director Kazutoshi Sekiguchi hinted at a little something by mentioning that he saw many Tenkos in the village, and to expect some activity from them.


Toukiden 2 will release in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on June 30, 2016.

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