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Toukiden 2 Has New Weapons And Mitama




Koei Tecmo has released new information on the sorts of weapons and Mitama people will be able to equip and use in Toukiden 2 as they attempt to save what remains of humanity from Oni. As you work to protect Mahoroba and Kagura, the shrine maiden living in the town, your actions could help encourage the Imperial Guard and samurai at odds to work together for the safety of everyone living in the city.


Many pieces of equipment will be returning in Toukiden 2. The swords, bows, clubs, gauntlets, knives, kusarigama chain-sickles, polearms, rifles, and spears will all be available to choose from for your Slayer. In addition, you can also equip chain whips and swords with shields for the first time. The chain whip is a fast-paced weapon, while the sword and shield combination is about offering both offense and defense. Two new trailers have been released showing off the new weapons in action.


Chain whip:

Sword and shield:


A new type of Mitama will be appearing in Toukiden 2 too. When you defeat Oni, you could collect Attack, Defense, Healing, Speed, or, for the first time, Control Mitamas. The Control type allows you to actually summon a friendly Oni to fight by your side. This AI-controlled character will be able to provide a distraction, so you can take fewer hits, while also providing additional firepower in a fight. Your character can have three Mitama equipped.


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Toukiden 2 will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC in North America on March 21, 2017. It will arrive in Europe on March 24, 2017.

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