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Toukiden 2 Screenshots Show Kaguya, Yakumo, Kuon, And New Oni Onuhouko



Koei Tecmo previously shared details on new characters and a new Oni for Toukiden 2, and they’ve followed up with a first look in the game’s latest screenshots.





A shrine maiden who protects the Mahoroba Village. She’s one of the few people that have the ability to protect the village with a barrier and is treated with importance. She feels restricted in the village and secretly goes outside for a sense of freedom.



Weapon: Dual Swords


He is the captain of the Imperial Guardsmen that protect the shrine maiden. He has nothing but absolute loyalty towards Kaguya. He would take an arrow for her without thinking twice. He’s from a prestigious family and is overweening in pride. For this reason, he often acts arrogant towards others.




A shrine maiden that worships the Mitama on the religious service grounds. She has a cheerful personality and treats everyone equally. She runs a small restaurant as a hobby and for some profit. She seems to cook some strange foods that she feeds the villagers.


New Oni: Onuhouko



A large-type Oni that can be found in areas such as forests. Its insect-like body is covered in a tough shell, and when it finds a prey to attack, it uses its many legs to quickly approach and uses its sharp claws from its front arms.


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Similar to the previous game, you’ll level up your Mitama by fighting and they’ll acquire new skills as they do so. Additionally, skill levels increase as well, making the skills more powerful. There are various conditions that are required for the Mitama and skills to grow.


Here’s a look at three new Mitama:


Princess Nukata (Nukata no Okimi)



Ishida Mitsunari



Kondo Isami


Toukiden 2 will release in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on June 30, 2016.

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