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Toukiden 2 Screenshots Show More Of Its Open World And Characters



Koei Tecmo revealed the latest on Toukiden 2 recently, and the company opened the game’s official website, showing us more screenshots of its world and characters.




The protagonist is a Slayer with no memories has fought during the Awakening. During the battle, he flew ahead by ten years, and found himself in a village without any recollection of his memories.



The Professor does research on mechanics. She has created things such as the “Demon Hand” and “Tokitsugu.” She works on excavating the remains of a fallen ancient civilization, aiming to find the “Truth of the world.” She’s also a Slayer who uses a gun.



A mechanical puppet that was made by the Professor. It has a human’s soul within it. It might look cute at first glance, but it is brave. He takes on the role of an older-brother figure, as he has other Slayers tag along with him. He’s quite the sharp shooter with a gun.




Gwen is a blonde girl from Britain, who arrived in the foreign settlement of Yokohama. She got mixed up with the Awakening, and was picked up by a special unit in the snowy mountains, and became a Slayer. She uses a Shield Sword weapon, and can freely handle its great sword.



caeb8967 Shinragou is a large demon with a tough body and frightening forearm. During the Awakening 10 years prior, the Shinragou stood atop all the other demons and brought fear upon the world. Its name originates from an eclipse, which eats away the day, meaning that the Shinragou eats away at everything in a similar way.







Toukiden 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Its development is currently at 60% complete. You can catch up on more info on the game in our earlier report.

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