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Toukiden Extreme Has A Female Cat Oni To Fight



Toukiden Extreme adds new features for grabbing cool loot, through new duty systems that will have you either take on abnormally strong Oni or endless waves of them. 4Gamer updates us with a look at some of these new features, including a look at the new female Oni.



The above is a look at the new Oni called Kazenui. She has a cat-like body but she’s actually much larger than you’d expect. Unlike cute kittens, she’s actually agile, cunning, and quite brutal.


001 002 003 004

Just look at all those claws!


006 007


The “Urgent Duty” is a new mission type that can appear at any time. These duties will pit you against Oni that are stronger than normal, and you won’t know which one you’ll fight until you step foot into the battlefield. It also gives higher chances of getting rare materials and Mitama.


009 010

011 012

The above is a look at the “Endless Subjugation Duty” that’s basically a fight against endless waves of Oni. You can end it at any point, but the longer you last, the higher your chances will be in getting rare materials and Mitama.


Here’s a look at some of the areas in Toukiden Extreme:


013 014

017 015


Along with some new Mitama:


018 021

Yaoya Oshichi gives you more strength upon defeating Oni or breaking off parts. Fujiwara no Teika is a support-type Mitama who can share the weapon meter with nearby allies.


019 020

Taira no Sadamori prides himself in his speedy style. Using his Mitama will decrease the amount of Stamina used for certain actions. Kusumoto Ine, just like her real-life counterpart in Japanese history, is a healer-type. She can also hit allies to remove any negative status effects in addition to having higher healing to the Mitama user.


Toukiden Extreme will be released in Japan on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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