Toukiden Extreme is pretty much the “G version” of the medieval Japanese Oni-hunting game, Toukiden: The Age of Demons. The latest trailer for the game provides a look at all of the new features.


The trailer starts with a look at some of the new monsters, then the new weapons in action at the 0:40 mark with the Naginata, Kanabo, and Gun, followed by the weapons that were in the previous game.


Next, they show the powerful new co-op attack, the Extreme Destroyer, that is pretty much a stronger version of the Destroyer, but it lets you gather you allies together to power up the character for way more damage.


Toukiden Extreme also introduces two new Mitama styles with “Devotion” which specializes in providing support to the allies, and “Destruction,” as the name implies, excels at breaking parts off the giant Oni.


At 2:20, we get to see some new allies, enemies and familiar faces who’ll all be part of the new story. According to earlier reports, will have a volume that is said to be just as long as the main story from the first game, making it twice as long as before.


The trailer ends with a look at the adorable fox Tenko, who’ll also have the ability to equip and level up Mitama, among other new tricks.


2014-07-18_015409 2014-07-18_015508

A limited edition Treasure Box for Toukiden Extreme includes extra goodies such as the game’s OST, costumes, and a cuddly Tenko plush. First-print copies include download codes for costumes, as well.


Data transfers from the first game will also have some sort of bonus. Toukiden Extreme will be released in Japan on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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