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Toukiden Extreme Slices And Dices With Videos Demonstrating New Weapons



The three new weapons in Toukiden Extreme are probably what fans of the series are looking forward to next in the upgraded version of Toukiden: The Age of Demons. Koei Tecmo shared a closer look at the new weapons in their latest series of gameplay videos.



The first video demonstrates the Naginata, which might look like it should be a slow weapon, but actually focuses on busting out some combos to go with its ability to hit hard-to-reach areas of bigger monsters.


The Naginata also has some aerial hits to top off its range, and it looks like users can spend a good deal of time mid-air to keep hitting the higher spots of the monsters.



The Kanabo on the other hand is slower than most weapons, but deals a great deal of damage to make up for it. The Slayer in the video demonstrates a few basic combos and a powerful charge hit that looks pretty satisfying to pull off.


While it lacks the aerial capabilities as the Naginata, the Kanabo can be used to parry attacks to momentarily stun the enemy, which sounds like it could be a great deal of help for your part when timed right.



Finally, the Gun is one of the more unique weapons out there, joining the Bow as a long-ranged weapon. It has a lock-and-load feature where you aim to shoot the enemy, and you can even load a bunch of shots for consecutive shots.


The Gun isn’t as speedy as the Bow, but it has also has a neat feature that lets you see the enemy’s weak spots. Its main perk is being able to use different types of shots with various effects.


Toukiden Extreme will be released in Japan on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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