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Toukiden Kiwami Videos Highlight What The New Weapons Look Like On PS4



Toukiden Kiwami for PlayStation Vita and PS4 is an expansion to the original Toukiden, where Slayers will get to fight new Oni and also use three new weapons. In an recent updated, Koei Tecmo showed off the latest screenshots and videos for the PlayStation 4 version of the game.



The Rifle is one of Toukiden Kiwami’s more unique weapons, as it’s one of the few that can be used to attack Oni from a distance. Using its lock-and-load feature, you’ll get to aim for specific parts, making it easier to break off limbs and pieces off the beasts.


However, Rifles don’t have the same speed as the Bow, but it makes up for it by letting you see the enemy’s weak spots, along with a variety of shot types.



The Naginata focuses on big combos and reach that helps Slayers hit even the upper parts of the Oni that can be difficult to hit. They also have attacks that you can use while in mid-air, so the weapon would be good for facing all kinds of Oni, big or small.



Finally, we get to see a look another look at the Club weapon. The Club is probably one of the stronger, if not strongest, hitting weapon of Toukiden Kiwami, but it has its drawbacks of also being the slowest.


While it’s not much of a technical weapon, Club users will rely on timing their hits with powerful charges, along with some basic combos. You can also use it to parry attacks and stun enemies for a short moment.


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Toukiden Kiwami will release in North America on March 31st, and in Europe on March 27th, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can check out our earlier report for a look at some comparison screenshots between the two versions of the game.

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