Tower Of Archeos Mingles Monster-Clicking Puzzles And RPG Adventurers



Players will need to carefully choose which monster groups to attack, factoring in health and experience gained to progress through Tower of Archeos’ mixture of puzzle and roguelike gameplay.




Tower of Archeos presents players with a board filled with monster, door, and key tiles, tasking them with clicking on the right ones. Monster tiles all have an ability and set amount of damage that they do, so players will need to factor that into their decision to attack. There is no avoiding the damage the monster deals, but large groups of similar monsters do the same amount of damage as a single creature of that type.




Players may only take one monster’s worth of damage, but they will kill all connected monsters of that type, gaining the experience for each of them. By gaining enough experience, players can grow stronger and refill their health, letting them tackle further monsters until they can reach the tenth floor and face Archeos in combat.




Players will also be able to choose from certain character types, each of which attacks the monsters differently and has varied effects on the board. They can also acquire equipment that will increase their stats and help them better navigate the monster groups.




Tower of Archeos will be releasing in July of this year. A demo for the game is available on, and the developers are also raising votes for it on Steam Greenlight.

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