Tower Of Druaga: Tower Of Defender Is An Otome RPG For Smartphones


tower of druaga

Classic arcade game Tower of Druaga is getting a new game thanks to the Bandai Namco Classic IP Project, in the form of smartphone game Tower of Druaga: Tower of Defender. [Thanks, 4gamer]


tower of druaga 2

tower of druaga


The story takes place 100 years after the eponymous Tower of Druaga was sealed. The protagonist is placed in a squad full of pretty boys, tasked to protect the Tower. Gameplay is split into Love Missions, which raise affection levels with the characters, Battle Quests where fights against monsters will occur, interspersed with a story that will reveal the truth behind the Tower of Druaga.


The Bandai Namco Classic IP Project is a project set up in 2015 which opens up the company’s backlog of classic IPs to creators all around Japan. This includes creating new software based on characters, music or story settings of games like Xevious, Mr. Driller, Katamari Damacy, Wonder Momo, and Tower of Druaga.


Tower of Druaga: Tower of Defender will release for smartphones in 2018.

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