Tower of Samsara Will Have A Dark Souls-Like Messaging System


What do we know about Tower of Samsara? Unfortunately, not a lot. But its teaser trailer eschews the need for cold, hard information. Have a watch above.


The only description of Tower of Samsara is on its Facebook page, where it’s said to be “a platform game that will represent the journey of a hero through the wheel of life.”


What does that mean? Well, there’s some art work that suggests your hero might age as you play the game. Or that art work might literally just be how the hero design has changed over the game’s development. It’s probably that.


The game also, seemingly, has an online component as the creators revealed on Twitter that it will have a Dark Souls-like messaging system – “You can share a haiku and an Icon to help/inspire other players,” they said.


One thing that is for sure, though, is that you’ll be battling ghost warriors and other enemies with a sword and shield, and will also have mystical powers that let you transform the environment. Hopefully more information will appear on Tower of Samsara’s website soon.

Chris Priestman