Tower of Shadow, A Shadow Walking Adventure From Hudson


image The Obsidian Tower is a mysterious place, as you can probably tell from its name, but what is even more mysterious is the boy, climbing the maze within to reach the top.  The boy isn’t really a boy.  He’s the shadow of one.


Tower of Shadow is a new game from Hudson for the Wii.  The protagonist, is a nameless shadow of a boy, literally.  The boy can interact with the shadows cast by the real objects, but only with the shadows.  The real world is inconsequential except for how it affect the shadows.  By interacting with shadows he can control real objects.  For example, the boy can pull the shadow of a lever, causing the real lever to move, which results in activating machinery.  This casts new shadows, which allows him to continue on new shadowy ground.


The boy also has a helper who will probably be the key to solving many of the mysteries in the game.  Unlike the boy, Black Swallowtail can interact with real objects, which may create new shadows that allow the boy to move on.  For example she can take a light and shine it upon the shadows to make them grow.


Hudson has not set a release date for Tower of Shadow in Japan.


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