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Tower Princess Is A Rogue-Lite That Tasks Players With Rescuing (And Dating) Royalty




A new video game Kickstarter is seeking people adventurous enough to head into a procedurally-generated dungeons to save kidnapped princes and princesses, while the rescue/escort mission acts as a sort of a date. Tower Princess: I’ve Come for You is seeking €30,000 ($34,131) by March 7, 2019. Currently, it has passed just over €23,900 ($27,000). Its estimated release window is March 2020, with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ports planned if it hits the €35,000 stretch goal.


In Tower Princess, players head into a dungeon as one of the hundreds of knights trying to save (and date) the captured royalty. You can do this alone or by getting help from other players to explore the dungeon and then try to woo the royal family member.


The knight for each run is randomly generated, in terms of appearance, constitution, and weapon capabilities. People could be fast and frail light knights, well-rounded balanced knights, or slow and durable heavy knights, each one possibly wielding a sword, mace and shield, or musket. If the knight you are using falls, then the next one “learns” from it, letting you upgrade them and get new stats and skills that may help you survive.


The initial princes and princesses were also revealed. People will encounter the Human Princess, Vampire Prince, Zombie Princess, Mermaid Princess, and Kobold Princess. Each member of royalty has their own special skill or ability, to help with the escorting part of the mission and date.


Here is a trailer showing Tower Princess in action.



Tower Princess is in development for the PC, with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ports planned if a stretch goal is hit. The Kickstarter ends March 7, 2019, and a demo is immediately available via GameJolt.

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