Tower Of Samsara’s Karma-Themed Gameplay Looking For Kickstarter Funding



Tower Of Samsara, a sidescrolling action game where player actions bring them to higher karmic states across various planets, is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight and funds on Kickstarter.




During their journey across the various planets, players will run into enemies and bosses that wish to stop them. Given that this adventure is meant to raise the player’s karma, they can choose to fight and kill their enemies or stun and spare them. These actions will carry consequences for the player’s ending, so they will need to consider what they wish to do when a strange beast wants to cut their throat.




The game will feature many unique relics the players can collect, as well as hidden ones buried in secret paths across the game’s worlds. Players can choose to help each other by leaving messages, in the form of haikus, for other players to find.




Tower of Samsara’s soundtrack is set to be composed by Chris Christodoulou, composer for Risk of Rain, The Sea Will Claim Everything, and Deadbolt. The game currently has no projected release date.

Alistair Wong
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